Are Bulova Women's Watches Any Good?

Bulova ladies watches are well-built, reliable, and stylish. Quality, accuracy/precision, classic elegance, feminine essence, innovation, craftsmanship, technology, luxurious finishes with diamonds and crystals, and accessible price points. These features define Bulova watches for women, which are some of the most popular, top-rated, and best-selling timepieces for ladies.

Reputable for great quality and style and with a rich heritage in watchmaking, Bulova is one of the best watch brands. You can rest assured that the performance is top-notch. In fact, Bulova is renowned for precision and innovation.

Bulova has watch styles for all occasions, outfits, and tastes. From dress, fashion, casual, and sporty watches. If you want a stylish watch and precision is important to you, this is your brand. Whether you are looking for a luxurious dress or a rugged sporty style or a watch with diamonds, Bulova has what you want at a friendly price. Check out some of the best Bulova women's watches below.

Bulova Women's Watches Reviews

Styling: Bulova watches have simple, classic, and elegant styling with superior craftmanship evident. Some are rugged but all of them have feminine touches. Case colors and styles include silver tone stainless steel, gold tone, rose gold tone, two tone, white, and black colored steel.  Straps include leather, stainless steel bracelet, plastic, leather bands, ceramic bracelets, and bangle styles. Cases shapes are round, rectangular, or slightly rounded tonneau. All have analog displays with dials in black, champagne, silver, and white as well as multi-colored and mother of pearl faces. Bulova has a wide selection of styles to fit all tastes and occasions from dress, fashion, casual, classic, trendy, sporty, to formal.   

Build Quality: Bulova watches have a reputation for quality and reliability and receive excellent customer ratings and glowing reviews. They are high quality and well built using the finest materials, superior craftsmanship, and state-of-the-art technology to offer enduring quality and performance. Metal bracelets and cases are surgical-grade stainless steel. Leather straps are the finest leather to resist wear and for an elegant appearance. Luxurious finishes with diamonds, crystal accents, mother of pearl dials, and some plated with 23k gold for durable, attractive finishes and others ion-plated with gold process for a resilient finish. Most Bulova watches are splash resistant but there are sporty swim-proof and diving standard watches. Other features include anti-magnetic, shock-resistant, distortion-free, and scratch-resistant crystals. They are solid and durable and will offer decades of use with proper care.   

Movements: Bulova watches have high quality and reliable movements mostly Japanese quartz electronic movements and a few having Swiss mechanical automatic movements. All Bulova watches are powered by the finest quartz-crystal movements, accurate to within three minutes a year, and offer incredible precision and reliability.  

Innovation: Since its founding, Bulova has always been among the leading innovators in timekeeping technology and in advertising. They introduced the first truly precise electronic watch - the Accutron, were the first to introduce mass production in high-end timepieces, and among the first to use mass-media advertising. Bulova timepieces offer superior accuracy/precision, having established their own observatory. Each watch is guaranteed to be accurate to within one minute a year with some collections having even more superior accuracy.  

The Bulova Story: The Humble Foundation of a Giant

Bulova is a manufacturer of watches and clocks.  Bulova's story is an American Dream come true story with founding in 1875 by a 23-year-old Czech immigrant from Bohemia named Joseph Bulova who set up a jewelry shop in New York City.

Bulova started making clocks and pocket watches in 1911 and then in 1919 introduced its first full line of jeweled wristwatches for men. Their first line of ladies wrist watches was launched in 1924 and included Bulova diamond watches with brilliant diamond accents. Bulova has designed amazing watches for ladies that are both functional and stylish from the start.

Bulova's values include a commitment to timekeeping innovation, creativity, and excellence. From its founding in the 18th century, Bulova has gained a reputation for quality, accuracy, precision, innovation, technique, and artistry. 

As a brand, Bulova has a rich heritage and has always been a pioneering brand. In 1960, Bulova introduced the Accutron, which became the first fully electronic watch. A major milestone was during the first landing on the moon where all the timekeepers in the spacecraft were Bulova Accutron watches. Bulova was also a pioneer in radio and television commercials being the first to air a TV commercial. 

Today, this legendary American watch brand is one of the most recognizable brands in the world and is a subsidiary of Citizen Watch Co. Together they are the biggest watchmaker in the world. Bulova has its headquarters in the iconic Empire State Building in New York City with offices across the globe in Canada, China, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.  

Bulova designs manufactures, and markets several different brands including the signature Bulova, the stylish Caravelle New York, the dressy and formal swiss made Wittnauer Swiss, Bulova AccuSwiss, Bulova Accutron, Harley-Davidson® Timepieces, and Frank Lloyd Wright Collection® watches, and the award-winning Bulova Clocks. 

In 2000, during Bulova's 125th birthday, the then New York mayor Rudolph Giuliani certified April 10th as official Bulova Day.

Are Bulova Women's Watches Good?

Totally. Bulova ladies watches are timepieces with a rich history of innovation and quality. As part of the reputable Citizen Group, you can rest assured you will get the ultimate quality with Bulova women's watches.

They are stylish, reliable, well-built, reputable classics that suit all kinds of occasions and last for years. They come with a good 3-year warranty, and their pricing is accessible. 

There is a wide selection of classic styles. However, if you want lots of bells and whistles, Bulova watches being rather traditional in styling may not appeal to you. Overall, they are a good buy and offer excellent value for the money. 

Bulova Watch Collections and Styles for Ladies

Bulova has a wide assortment of watches for women. There is a variety of color and style choices to suit every occasion. Their product line is quite large with hundreds of models. Bulova also owns several watch brands, each of them having distinct style attributes.

Bulova has amazing dress, fashion, casual, everyday, formal, and sporty ladies watches. There is something for everyone and for all occasions. Bulova bracelet ladies watches are the most popular but there are hundreds of other styles including gorgeous two-tone timepieces, chronographs, bangle watches, leather, ceramic, diamond, classic, contemporary, automatic mechanical watches with skeleton displays, among others. 

Some of the most popular Bulova ladies watch collections include: 

  • Precisionist: Bulova’s proprietary Precisionist-class quartz torsional resonator movement has a three-prong quartz crystal that creates a high vibration frequency of 262.144 kHz that achieves an extraordinary level of timing accuracy to within seconds a year and is one of the world's most accurate movements. Laboratory testing shows it to be three times more accurate than standard quartz. This movement also offers a resistance to gravitational error for superior performance. If you value accuracy/precision above all else, the Precisionist is for you. And that is not all you get. You also get quality, beauty, style, elegance, and luxury.
  • Marine Star Collection- Elegant sporty watches with stainless steel bracelets, screw backs, ratchet bezels, and water resistance starting from 100m/330ft and up to 200M( 660 feet) for enduring performance and style. The Marine Star collection offers style, and superior sports timekeeping and durability.  
  • Diamond Collection: Bulova excels in diamond watch styling. The best thing is that their diamond watches are at accessible price points. Bulova women's diamond watches have stainless steel cases and bracelets, sapphire crystals for durability, elegant analog displays with mother of pearl dials, and diamond decorations on the bezels, cases, or dials. They use genuine faceted diamonds for lasting quality and ultimate brilliance offering authentic classic and contemporary styles. Gorgeously designed with feminine touches and refined looks to appeal to modern ladies, Bulova's diamond watches are perfect for evening wear and special occasions.
  • The Fairlawn series: Entry-level luxury collection made up of decorative timepieces from both the diamond and dress collection. Fairlawn ladies watches have quartz movements and a smooth distinct design with stainless steel bracelets with a raised central part and three-dimensional side links. If you want a quality watch that works well and looks great and don't care much about technical sophistication, Fairlawn watches are stylish, have technical simplicity, and are affordable luxury watches.
  • Dress Collection- Bulova women's dress watches are simple, elegant, and classic in styling with gold tone, silver tone, and two tone stainless steel bracelets. They are both stunning and functional. 
  • Crystal collection- Bulova ladies crystal watches are elegant and sophisticated with stainless steel bracelet watches and hand-set Swarovski crystals. They ooze charm and sparkle. 
  • Bulova 14 Karat Gold Watches collection- Heirloom quality timepieces fit for passing down generations. They have Swiss movements, European or American bracelets in 14 karat gold and stainless steel. Sophisticated watches with breathtaking styling and offering outstanding value. 
  • Other collections include Maribor, Aracena, Rosedale, Highbridge, Maestro, Wintermoor, Infinity, and many others.

Bulova Women's Watches for Every Occasion, Outfit, and Taste

Bulova has something to suit all occasions and go with all kinds of outfits:

  • Career Segment: Traditional designs with enduring style. Made for the modern lady who strives for perfection and wants to refresh her style and look stunning at work or on holiday. Luxurious, stylish, and durable with mother of pearl dials, diamonds, automatic movements,  stainless steel cases, and 100m water resistance. 
  • Fashion Segment- Contemporary designs with modern styling in line with today's fashions.
  • Sports Segment: Offering performance and elegance, with rugged yet ladylike designs, and water resistance starting at 100m/330 feet and up to 200m/660ft.

Bulova Women's Watches Prices and Buying Information

Bulova Women's Watch Prices

Bulova offers high-end timepieces without luxury price tags. Prices are fairly reasonable, starting from fairly inexpensive at $200 thereabouts to about $2000 on the higher end.  Most Bulova women's watches fall into the $300-$600 price range, making them entry-luxury watches at affordable to moderate prices.  

Bulova Watches for Sale- Where to buy Bulova Watches

Bulova watches are sold at fine jewelry shops, specialty watch shops, and high-end department stores.  You’ll also find them for sale online at a number of retailers including Amazon.

Vintage and Antique Bulova Watches

Bulova watches are quite collectible, especially their vintage Accutron units, which were sold from 1960-1977.  These, along with antique, out of production and limited edition models, sell for premium prices on the collector’s market. 

Caring for your Bulova watch

Bulova quartz watches just need battery replacement every few years. Mechanical watches usually need servicing every 3-5 years. Sports model need a checkup every few years to ensure the water-resistance seals remains intact. Store all Bulova watches in a cool, dry place, away from hard surfaces that may damage or scratch, and away from extremes of temperature, magnetic fields, or caustic chemicals. 



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