Women's Homage Watches: Rolex, Cartier, Chanel, Omega Look Alikes and Affordable Alternatives

Do you like the look of a certain luxury or designer watch but hindered by the astronomical price point? Check out these ladies homage watches that are inspired by popular luxury watches. They offer luxury style at an affordable price and in a legal way.

One of the most appealing things about the most popular luxury watches is the classy and distinctive design. Not the prestigious name, the fine materials, the movements, and certainly not the price tag. Sometimes all you want is the exclusive look. This is where Homages come in.

The good thing is that this is legal territory. Although homage watches are inspired by iconic luxury watches and borrow their design in general, homages watches are not exact clones. They also have some distinct elements and their own brand identity. As for quality, the best homage watch are well-made too, though not to the same premium level as the luxury timepieces they pay homage to.

Affordable Ladies Luxury Watches Alternatives

Note: These are not replicas, just homages to popular women’s luxury watches. A homage watch is designed to look like a more luxurious watch and offered at a more accessible price point. A reinterpretation of a popular watch infused with distinctive brand elements. The design is similar but not an exact clone and the quality level is lower. 

Rolex Look Alike Women's Watches

JSDUN Women's Automatic Watch

Rolex Lady DateJust look alike

The is a beautiful Rolex DateJust homage without breaking the bank. The design and styling is the same, although the size is smaller at 26mm.

At it's heart is a Japanes Ie automatic movement with 21 jewels and a 45 hours power reserve. No battery replacement required. The build quality, and  fit and finish are also quite good for the price.

Vivienne Westwood Gold Tone Women's Watch

Rolex President and Date Just look alike

With the gold tone, the elegant Jubilee style bracelet, and the debossed etching on the dial, this Vivienne Westwood watch has the look of a Rolex Presidential as well as the Rolex Lady Datejust.

The good things is that this isn't a cheap homage. It's well made and features a Swiss Ronda movement. It's high quality and precise wristwatch that will elevate your outfits, attract compliments, and tell time reliably.

Vivienne Westwood Wallace Jacquard Dial Ladies Watch

Rolex DateJust Everose look alike

Even without the date display, this Vivienne Westwood watch is an amazing Rolex Everose alternative. With the two tone styling and sophisticated 5 link bracelet, it exudes graceful elegance just like the Lady DateJust.

The Wallace also has some attractive features of it's own. The dial features a debossed jacquard pattern inspired by the interiors of the Wallace collection. Great construction quality too and the precision of a Swiss quartz movement.

Victorinox Maverick Women's Maverick Watch

Rolex Submariner look alike

The Victorinox Maverick is an exquisitely done Rolex Submariner homage. The bezel, the face, and the band are virtually identical. It has the special shine/sparkle that you see on high end watches.

As you can expect from Victorinox Swiss Ay, the watch is also of top notch quality. The watch is constructed with high-grade 316L stainless steel and features a triple-coated anti-reflective sapphire crystal. Elegant and sporty with a duo tone styling, it suits  pretty much any outfit.

Cartier Tank Look Alike Women's Watches

Peugeot Square Women's Watch

Cartier Panthere Look Alike

The Peugeot square shaped watch is an absolutely stunning Cartier Panthere tribute. It's as elegant and luxurious on the wrist as the real deal. From the square shape to the panther bracelet to the signature Cartier Roman numerals to the overall look, it's the closest dupe of the iconic luxury watch for women.

It even has metallic blur hands. Available in silver and gold hues, it's incredibly comfortable on the wrist but can be dressed up as well. The inner mechanism is Seiko quartz, and the watch comes with a lifetime warranty and lifetime free batteries.

Chanel Look Alike Watches for Ladies

Cerruti 1881 Women's Black Ceramic Watch

Chanel J12 Look Alike

Like the Chanel J12 black ceramic watch, the Cerruti 1881 Black Ceramic Watch is made of black high tech ceramic and has diver watch styling. The bezel, dial, and bracelet look the same. The only downside with this more affordable chanel J12 alternative is that the watch is only water resistant to 30m this needs to be kept.

Peugeot Ceramic Women's Watch

Chanel J12 homage for around 100 dollars

When looking for a Chanel J12 look alike, you've got to consider the Peugeot women's ceramic watch. Without a doubt, the resemblance is there.

First of all, both watches are made of ceramic which is strong yet lightweight and gentle on the skin. They also have a three links bracelet. The bezel and face has a similar dive watch style with markings on the bezel and a circle at the center of the dial.

Only subtle differences exists, which is no issue because we're not going for replicas here. For example, the Peugeot is rose gold and white or rose gold and black while the Chanel J12 is black and white.

Women's Royal Oak Look Alikes

Vivienne Westwood Limehouse Women's Watch

Like the highly coveted but incredibly expensive Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, the Vivienne Limehouse is an all steel one piece timepiece with an 8-sided hexagonal or octagonal shaped case. Both also feature easy to read stick indices.

The Limehouse, however has some unique features if it's own. The bezel is all smooth and sns screws. The face is a trendy green shade. And the bracelet is not an exact copy. Still, it's a bold and sporty 34mm watch and a great way to rock the Royal Oak style without going bankrupt or breaking the bank. If you like booger,check out the 40mm men's version

D1 Milano Ultra Thin Rose Gold Ladies Watch A-UTBL02

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak look alike for under $400

Here is a meticulously executed ladies  Audemars Audemars Piguet Royal Oak homage. The general look is similar although there are some differences on the case and bracelet. Still, its a fantastic alternative if you love the Royal Oak were it not for the price barrier.

The D1 Milano doesn't just have a premium, luxurious look, the quality is also superb. It's made of stainless steel with a rose gold coating and us also available in silver tone

Omega Look Alike Women's Watches

Reef Tiger RGA1590 Automatic Ladies Watch

Omega Ladymatic Look Alike

The Reef Tiger ladies automatic watch looks and feels like a high end luxury watch. It actually resembles the Omega Ladymatic watch from the elegance, the shape, the pattern and indices on the dial, to the style of the bracelet links.

Even though it costs under 300 dollars,the Reef Tiger is also a luxury watch in it's own right. It features a high end finish complete with a sapphire crystal abd is powered by an automatic self-winding movenent.

Michele Look Alike Women's Watches

Peugeot Rectangular Women's Watch

Michele Deco Look Alike

Have you always coveted the Michele Deco watch but kept away by the four figure price tag? The Peugeot rectangular women's watch offers a strikingly similar look at a very affordable price (under $100).

From the Art Deco inspired rectangular shaped face to the stone studded bezel to the panther link bracelet.

However, it doesn't have chronograph subdials and red accents and features Swarovski crystals instead of diamonds. The Peugeot is powered by a quartz movement manufacturerd by Seiko and backed by a Lifetime warranty and FREE battery replacement services. It comes in silver tone, gold tone, and rose gold tone.

FEICE Automatic Skeleton Women's Watch

Richard Mille women's watch look alike

The Richard Mille is one of the most expensive watches for women. It features an exclusive design that many ladies would love to rock on their wrist. The Feice white women's watch is a fantastic Richard Mille homage at an accessible price.

Just like the Richard Mille, it's a gorgeous, eye catching watch that's sure to turn eyes your way and attract compliments. The quality and attention to detail are impressive. The watch is composed of a carbon fiber frame, 316L stainless screws, sapphire crystal, and a fluoroelastomer strap.

The only quirk is that just like the Richard Mille proudly displays the phrase Swiss Made on the bezel, the Feice homage follows suit and displays the phrase China Made as well.

Versace Medusa Lock Icon Women's Watch

Hermes Kelly Watch Look Alike

Different watches, same concept. Although the Versace Medusa Lockwatch isn't exactly similar to the Hermes Kelly watch, it's a great alternative if you like the unique concept but don't gave the budget for the Hermes watch.

The Versace Lock Icon is a quality designer watch in it's on right. It's a Swiss made watch combining the bold and glamourous styling Versace is known for and quality Swiss craftsmanship.





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