Are Cartier Ladies Watches Worth It?

Cartier is one of the ultimate embodiment of luxury. The label stands for desirability - nothing says you’ve made it quite like Cartier. Cartier watches offer quality craftsmanship, extraordinary beauty, and timeless elegance.

A Cartier timepiece represents a journey of traditional elegance and innovative watchmaking. Combining daring design with watch-making savoir-faire, each timepiece offers high-level functionality and exquisite aesthetic.

With a Cartier watch, you get a well-built timepiece that's going to work excellently for decades and potentially become a family heirloom. If you can afford it, definitely add Cartier watches to your consideration when shopping for a luxury timepiece. They’ve got style, substance, great build quality, and a legendary reputation.

Cartier's Top Watch Creations

Cartier Santos

Cartier released their first wristwatch, the Santos, created for Cartier’s friend and Brazilian aviation pioneer Alberto Santos-Dumont who requested a watch that could be used during flights without taking the hands off the flight controls. Thus Cartier created the first pilot's watch the Cartier Santos Dumont in 1904 which became available for sale in 1911.

This was followed by the Tonneau (1906) and the Tortue (1912).

Cartier Tank  

The original Tank design, launched in 1917, was the first watch designed as a piece of jewelry with style and comfort in mind and the inspiration for the modern wristwatch. It was inspired by the Renault Tank FT used by the French forces in World War I. The Tank incorporated the geometry of Art Deco, “square within a rectangle” styling with the face and the band attached in a seamless design.

The iconic Tank theme has gone through dozens of variations from the Louis in 1922, the Americaine in 1989 to the Francaise in 1996 and now the Anglaise but has retained the strength and purity of its design: bold Roman numeral dial with a chemin-de-fer chapter ring, sword-shaped blue-steel hands and the trademark sapphire cabochon on the crown. 

The Tank is one of the most coveted wristwatches ever and has graced the wrists of some of the world’s most famous women such as Grace Kelly, Jackie Kennedy, and Princess Diana and female celebrities such as Naomi Campbell, Kristen Bell, Michelle Obama, Rachel Weisz, Uma Thurman, Angelina Jolie among others.

Cartier Brand Story

Cartier is a French jeweler and watchmaker founded by French jewelry designer Louis-François Cartier in 1847. Over the next century, the Cartier design house grew to become one of the world’s most prominent jewelers delivering luxury watches and jewelry across the globe.

The Cartier brand remained in family ownership until the 1960’s when it was sold to investors. Cartier is now part of Richemont, the luxury group that owns IWC, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Officine Panerai, Piaget, and Vacheron Constantin.

Cartier has a history of pioneering design and a drive for excellence and is famous for its classic designs featuring expensive gemstones and precious metals. 

Cartier was not afraid to try new things and is universally revered as the pioneer of the wristwatch with the introduction of the 'Santos'. Late in the 19th century, it was pocket and chatelaine watches that were most popular, but Louis Cartier saw a future in timepieces that could be worn on the wrist.

About Cartier Women's Watches

Cartier Ladies Watches Styling

Cartier is a master of shapes and their styling is legendary. Their styling is traditional but with timeless elegance. Cartier watches are distinctive and regarded as fine pieces of jewelry as well as legitimate works of art.

Design features that distinguish Cartier watches include Roman numerals, the use of ‘IIII’ at 4 o’clock, the rail-road minute track, the sapphire cabochon on the crown, the blue steel sword-shaped hands, and four-digit reference number on the lug. All these are marks of originality.

Cartier makes watches that resonate with professional women. Watches that are elegant, sophisticated, and ladylike. With feminine sophistication, a Cartier watch is perfect for every woman to own and wear.

Cartier also makes exceptional timepieces including dazzling high jewelry watches and exceptional clocks.

Quality of Cartier Ladies Watches

Cartier has been building fine timepieces for more than 150 years. Their watches are meticulously handcrafted. Case materials include gold, white gold, pink gold, yellow gold, titanium, platinum, and a gold and steel alloy. 

Cartier originally specialized in mechanical timepieces but their product line today includes mechanical movements, automatic movements, and high-quality quartz movements.  Displays in the current line are analog. A few models are complications featuring elaborate mechanical movements.

They offer an unlimited warranty for purchases within the United States and Canada.

Cartier Watch Prices

Cartier watches are expensive high-end luxury watches but your get what you pay for. They start at about $2500 for beautiful rock-solid timepieces to more than one million dollars for high jewelry gold and platinum timepieces with diamonds.  Most models are in the $5000-$20,000 range.

Cartier watches are available for sale through company-owned boutiques located in major cities around the world. They are also sold by some online retailers.

Cartier watches are quite collectible, and older models are in demand and fetch good prices on the secondary market. Cartier watches are among the few that consistently appreciate value over time.


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