Michael Kors Women's Watches Review - Are They Any Good?

Michael Kors women's watches are the perfect accessories to spruce up an outfit for all kinds of occasions being beautiful, bold, trendy, stylish, and glamorous. Luxurious and fashionable watches with great style at accessible prices.  

Looking for the perfect watch, fashion accessory, or piece of jewelry? Michael Kors women's watches are all three in one. When it comes to what watches women need and want offered at accessible price points, Michael Kors gets it. MK watches are stylish and luxurious without costing a fortune.

Here, check out the top Michael Kors watches for women. Whether you just want to see the stunning creations, are looking to buy a Micheal Kors watch for yourself, or want to find a nice gift for her, you will either leave inspired or with the perfect watch you've been searching for.

Top Michael Kors Watches for Women

The Michael Kors ladies watches collection is an impressive selection of fashionable and classy timepieces that look stunning on every wrist.  No wonder Michael Kors women's watches have been some of the most popular, top rated, and best selling watches for women for some years now. They are the number one in popularity among fashion watches.  Whether you are looking for fashion, casual, sporty, or classic timepieces, MK has a nice and extensive collection of luxurious-looking timepieces for women.

With more than one hundred designs for women and growing, there are so many styles, sizes, and tones that everyone will find a watch that matches their style and preference among the Michael Kors ladies watches collections. Some of their top models include: 

  • Runway: classic watches with large faces and understated elegance.
  • Darci: classy and elegant watches, which could double both as accessories for work as well as striking additions for an evening out
  • Parker: Sparkly, glamorous, and stylish timepieces with complicated chronograph dials.
  • Ritz: Bold and modern watches with luxurious looks. Eye-catching fashion accessories that make a style statement.
  • Michael Kors Blair, Lexington, the Bradshaw are popular gold-tone and rose gold oversized and boyfriend fashion watches.
  • Other top models include Audrina, Everest, Wyatt, Camille, Dylan, among others.

Michael Kors Women's Watches Reviews

Styling and Features: Michael Kors products have a jet-set aesthetic with stylish elegance, sporty attitude, and effortless chic. MK watch designs are an attractive array of sporty, classy, and luxurious yet aesthetically functional elements. There are avant-garde designs that make a statement. Classic and understated to glitzy and glamorous. Their designs are trendy and also possess some kind of timeless appeal.

MK ladies watches have analog dials with Arabic and Roman numerals. Metal bracelets, leather, rubber, ceramic, silicone, and plastic straps. Silvertone, goldtone, rose gold-tone, two tone, tortoise shell, blue, pink, white, black, green, brown, and other colors. Round, rectangular, square, and cushion shapes. Bold silver and gold accents and sometimes sparkly crystals apply a show-stopping finishing touch. There are more than one hundred designs of fashion, classic, sporty, and casual timepieces. Especially popular are their rose gold, and chunky oversized and boyfriend fashion watches.  

Build Quality: The build quality of Michael Kors watches is good featuring reliable Japanese-made movements, and both gold and silver and stainless steel bodies. Many of the Michael Kors watches are also water-resistant to as much as 100m ratings.

Michael Kors Watch Movements: The majority of Michael Kors watches for women have Japanese-made quartz/electronic movements. A few models have automatic mechanical movements. All Michael Kors watch mechanisms are of good quality and offer reliable time-telling.

Innovation: Michael Kors watches innovation is evident in the beautiful and trendy styling. Most MK watches have simple functionality, displaying only the time. Some, such as the Camille, offer a Chronograph function with three dials indicating 60 seconds, 60 minutes, and 24 hours.

About Michael Kors, The Brand

An American luxury fashion brand started in 1981, Michael Kors is a designer of fashion accessories, jewelry, tailored clothing, sportswear, fragrances, and watches. One of the largest American fashion brands and renowned in the world of fashion and luxury items, handbags and watches are their most popular products worldwide.

Michael Kors himself is an internationally renowned and award-winning fashion authority and trendsetter. Michael Kors has proven to have a strong sense of style, a keen eye for current trends, and an ability to set trends combined with an excellent understanding of how to carry out the trends. Essentially self-taught - he started designing clothes in his parents’ basement as a child - Michael Kors has established a global fashion empire. 

Michael Kors watches are luxury and fashion watches designed by Michael Kors and made by the Fossil Group.

Are Michael Kors Women's Watches Any Good?

Michael Kors main focus may be on clothing and fashion accessories but Michael Kors watch collections are not sub-standard. No matter the price, Michael Kors watches are crafted to the same standards with high-quality stainless cases, great designs, reliable quartz movements, and good water resistance properties.

Michael Kors watches offer a good value for the money.  With proper care, a Michael Kors watch will provide years of reliable service as a beautiful and stylish fashion accessory.

Michael Kors Women's Watches Buying and Price Information

Michael Kors Women's Watch Prices

Michael Kors ladies watches are quite affordable compared to the company’s other products such as clothing and handbags that tend to be rather pricy and also compared with other designer luxury timepieces.

Michael Kors watches for women prices currently start at as low as $135, and top out at just above $500.  Attractive price points make it possible for cost-conscious fans of the brand to own genuine a Michael Kors product without breaking the budget.

Michael Kors watches are affordably priced because they have practical construction.  There are no precious metals or gemstones. This makes them practical, affordable, and perfect for everyday wear. They feature sturdy stainless steel construction with gold and silver-tone finishes with some having crystal adornments.

Michael Kors Ladies Watches for Sale

Michael Kors watches are sold at a variety of retailers, both online and at brick and mortar retailers.  The company offers Michael Kors watches for sale on their official website. They are also sold by upscale department stores and online retailers such as Amazon, Nordstrom, and Macy's. It is advisable to purchase from reputable sellers who will guarantee the authenticity of the product. 

Care and Maintenance of Michael Kors Watches

The convenience of quartz movements means Michael Kors watches are reliable time tellers that don't need winding. Battery replacement is quite simple and can be done by any reputable jeweler. Automatic watches need to be worn regularly or stored in watch winders to keep them running smoothly and showing the correct time.

Michael Kors makes such amazing watches for women. They are well-built, reliable, diverse, and best of all quite affordable making it possible to own multiple Michael Kors watches for time-telling and accessorizing outfits.  If you like quality, style, and practicality, Michael Kors women's watches are the go-to.

Every lady should own at least one and with the great selection of styles and colors they have, you are guaranteed to find at least one style that will speak to you. If you are searching for the perfect gift for a lady, it is hard to go wrong with a Michael Kors watch. Styling tip: pair a Michael Kors watch with one or more sparkly bracelet/bangle for a glam stacked wrist.


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