Versace Ladies Watches Review - Are They Any Good?

Versace women's watches are completely Versace. They feature the brand's signature style - colorful, bold, luxurious, and edgy with imaginative and unique shapes and featuring the brand's icons.

They can only be described with words such as glamorous, magnificent, opulent, vibrant, decadent, exquisite works of art.

Versace watches are made by the Timex Group luxury division. The quality is good featuring Italian design, premium materials, Swiss movements

Featuring classical and modern aspects, Versace ladies watches are exciting and attention-grabbing fashion accessories perfect for the woman not afraid to boldly express herself and make a statement.

Top Versace Watches for Women 

Versace Vanitas

The spectacular Versace Vanitas has an opulence. This magnificent 40 mm women’s watch was designed by Donatella Versace herself. A Baroque matelassé pattern on the beautiful enameled dial is used to create a quilted effect that is totally unique and completely Versace. shades of lime yellow, turquoise, and purple, in addition to the original black, ivory, red and blue, To complete the signature look, each Vanitas watch has been equipped with a matching quilted leather strap decorated with characteristic Versace studs. Powered by a dependable Swiss quartz movement, this sumptuous and seductive timepiece represents Versace style at its very best.

Versace Venus

The sophisticated Versace Venus captures the essence of the Roman Goddess of Love with its youthful and feminine air that will certainly bring out your inner goddess. The watch features an attractive asymmetric dual bezel design with a seemingly floating topaz gemstone revolving around the dial. This vibrant collection comes in colors ranging from classic black and ivory to exciting shades of sorbet, electric blue, and seafoam green. A luxurious lizard skin strap matches the dial. With the Venus taking its styling from the mythical goddess of love, the watch is sure to provoke much adoration.

About Versace

Versace is an Italian company Gianni Versace started in Milan's Villa Della Spiga in 1978.  Gianni’s younger sister Donatella Versace has grown the company into one of the world’s most recognizable brands and its high fashion items such as handbags, shoes, clothing, and watches are among the most desirable. The first Versace watch collection was named Atelier. Celeb fans of Versace items include Madonna, Beyonce, Elton John among others.

They offer an irresistible combination of Swiss craftsmanship and creativity in design. Versace’s own designers design these exquisite timepieces in Italy which are then made by the Timex Group Swiss Luxury Division in Switzerland.

In 2004, the Timex Group acquired the license to manufacture and distribute Versace and Versus Versace watches, creating the Vertime company.

The company has two watch lines: Versace and Versus. Versus is the more affordable line. Check out the top Versus by Versace watches for women and review here.

Versace Women's Watches Review

Versace Ladies Watches Styling

Styling is unique and unmistakably Versace. Watches have the brand's distinctive styling, sex appeal, and boldness. They are big, bold, and beautiful.

Greek imagery and mythology are a prominent part of the design of Versace watches. The Medusa head surrounded by the Greek keys is one of the most recognizable logos in the fashion world.

Versace is known for its use of bold colors and tones. Many of their models feature flashy gold tones, mother of pearl dials, quilted accents, and a few even include emeralds and diamonds. There are also silvers, blacks, and lots of vibrant colors from orange, bright blue, and yellow. 

The brand is known for being very sensual and their products tend to be sexy and seductive celebrating the sensuality of the body. Versace believes that the wrist can be just as sensual as a neck and crafts exquisite watches that are just as eye-catching and provocative as a sultry dress. 

Versace watches are made to look good. To be excessive without being gaudy. They are a blend of classical and modern aspects. They are sleek and fashionable. Innovative and creative shapes and edgy styling produces statement timepieces that are different in a striking way. There are elegant and sophisticated watches that will suit the boardroom and glamorous watches for a night on the town.

Build Quality

While the company is primarily known for their clothing and accessories, they do take their timepieces seriously.  

In the beginning, their watches were more fashion accessories than timepieces but have continued to evolve and now put more care into developing real watches rather than just style accessories.

Versace watches use stainless steel or gold in their cases, gold, stainless steel, or leather for their bands, and sapphire crystals to protect their watch faces.

The combination of Swiss technology with the brand's distinctive Italian style results in refined timepieces in both design and construction.

Versace Watch Movements

Versace watches are powered by Swiss quartz and automatic movements.


Their watches don't come cheap but they are beautiful luxury timepieces made for the higher end of the market. There are some watches under $1000 but most of the watches are in the $1000-$5000 range. Versace also offers affordable timepieces in its Versus by Versace line.


Versace Watches have the sorts of features and build quality mid to high-end Swiss watches have. Versace's Italian design results in innovative timepieces that look good. 

Though their watches are expensive, they are worth the money. They take their watch line seriously and make attractive and elegant timepieces to be worn as fashion accessories but they are also well built and should last for many years with proper care.


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