Can a Woman Wear a 40mm Watch?

Women are wearing large watches with 40mm, 42mm, 44mm, and even 46+mm face diameters. This is due to the current trend in ladies watches where big watches are in style. Ladies favor the oversized watch look because it stands out on the wrist and grabs attention. A big watch makes for a bold fashion accessory that makes a statement.

Still, whether or not you can wear a 40mm wrist watch without it overpowering your wrist comes down to two things: how prominent the lugs are and how big your wrist size is. The lugs are the extensions protruding from the case, where the strap or band is attached.

As for wrist size, a watch with a 40mm case diameter is actually a good size watch for ladies with large wrists. However, it might be too big for a very small wrist – 6 inches and below.

Can a Woman with Small Wrists Wear a 40mm Watch?

If you have petite wrists, whether or not a 40mm watch will fit well on your wrist depends on the lug to lug measurement of the watch. As long as the lugs don't extend beyond the edges of your wrist, you can wear a forty mm watch and look good doing it. Ultimately, the best way to find out how this size will look on you is to visit a watch store and try on a range of 40mm watches.

Popular Big Dial Ladies Watches with a 40mm Face

Here are some large face women's watches with a 40mm or bigger dial, that are dedigned specifically for women and that women are buying and wearing. These watches have thousands of five star ratings:

  • Michael Kors Slim Runway 42mm watch
  • Michael Kors Bradshaw 43MM Chronograph Watch
  • GUESS 40MM Crystal Embellished Watch
  • Bulova Curv 40.5mm Ladies Watch
  • Casio G-Shock Transparent 49mm watch

So Is a 40mm Watch Too Big for a Woman's Wrist?

The current size trend in women's watches is that watches are big. If you love the modern oversized watch look, whether you can rock a 40mm watch comes down to the exact size of your wrists and the size of the lugs the watch has. A 40mm watch isn't too big for a woman with large wrists. However, it might be too big for a lady with very small wrists if the lug to lug measurement is such that the lugs will extend beyond the edges of the wrist.


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