How Many Watches Should a Woman Own?

There is no specific number of watches that any one woman should own. You can own one versatile watch for everyday wear or have a collection of more than 20 watches if you're really passionate about wrist watches as personal accessories or are a watch collector.

Some ladies don't even own a single watch. They rely on their cell phones and other gadgets to tell time. That said, there are some type of watches every woman who loves wrist watches should own in order to be covered in all situations. Below, let's take a look at the must have watches for ladies.

What Type of Watches Should a Woman own?

Everyday Watch

This is an elegant metal bracelet or leather strap watch in a classic style. It's the go to for work and business in an office setting. Depending on the watch you have, it might also be appropriate for evening wear and casual situations.

Luxury Watch

Every woman should also own a luxurious piece for special occasions. It can have real diamonds or high quality synthetic stones  such as Swarovski crystals. You can wear this watch with formal wear or even in a professional situation if the watch is understated in the sparkle department.

Sports Watch

Whether your like to run around the neighborhood, go to the gym, go hiking, or have fun on the water, a sports watch is essential to help you keep track of time while at it. You can go for a basic digital sports watch or a smartwatch or fitness tracker with all kinds of bells and whistles to allow you to track all kinds of stats from steps taken, calories burnt, heart rate, to blood pressure.

Casual Watch

A casual watch is the kind of watch you strap on during the weekend when you're heading out to run errands in jeans and tee shirt, going on a picnic, going to the beach etc. A casual watch can be a fashion watch or a sports watch. It can also be a luxury watch with a sporty chic design such as a Tag Heuer AquaracerTag Heuer Aquaracer. If you're into outdoor adventures such as hiking, a rugged and water resistant watch is a necessity.

So How Many and What Type of Watches Should A Woman Own?

As few or as many as she would like. That being said, any woman who loves watches will find that one watch isn't enough for all situations. Four to five watches that include a dress watch, a rugged casual watch, a sports or smart watch, and a luxury watch are the bare minimum.


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