10 Popular Big Face Watches for Women in 2021

Large face women’s watches are all the range these days. The most appealing thing about them is how they stand out on the wrist. They add a nice, bold touch to outfits, draw eyes and compliments your way, and you certainly won't struggle to read the time or other information displayed on the dial.

Now, as more and more fashionable ladies gravitate towards large faced watches, manufacturers are offering more of them. There's no shortage of big dial ladies watches on the market today. Below are the most stylish and the most popular to consider if you're craving a prominent watch on your wrist.

Best Large Face Women’s Watches

Michael Kors Women's Bradshaw 43MM Chronograph Watch

The Michael Kors Bradshaw is pretty big at 43mm in face diameter and one of the most popular large face watches modern women love. It just looks fabulous on the wrist! You can opt for the traditional wristwatch only version or the hybrid smartwatch version. It also comes in a nice range of colors to choose from.

Bold size and chic style aren't the only good thing about the Bradshaw. The face tells you more than just the time. It features a date window and three chronograph sub dials. To crown it all, you can rock the Bradshaw even to the beach in the summer as it comes sealed to withstand up to 100m (330ft) of water pressure. 

Bulova Curv 40.5mm Big Face Women's Watch

Let's just take a moment and admire the Bulova Curv. Without doubt one of the most beautiful big dial watches for women, with the juxtaposition of white and rose gold and strategically placed sparkle. The watch is a compliments magnet. The curves on its case make its 40.5mm face looks even chunkier. With its white strap, it has a sporty chic look that's perfect for casual wear.

The size and shape are certainly appealing but not the only outstanding thing about the Bulova Curv. It features a proprietary high-performance quartz movement with 262 kHz vibrational frequency for precise accuracy. You can admire the mechanism via the exhibition case back. If you like the look, you can rest assured the watch will last as it's well made of stainless steel, an EPDM rubber strap, and a sapphire dial window.

Michael Kors Runway Big Dial Women's Watch

The Michael Kors Runway has been trending for a number of years now. In fact, it has already achieved iconic status. Combining an oversized face with a simple minimalist aesthetic, the Runway is simple yet luxurious, trendy yet timeless, and looks good on all wrist sizes large or tiny.  And depending on the size of your wrist, you can opt for the 38mm option or the larger 42mm. Michael Kors watches are well made and tell time accurately so the Runway is a solid investment. You can wear it everywhere and with anything from a suit to jeans and tee.

Casio G Shock Transparent Large Face Women's Watch

The Casio G Shock Transparent watch goes all out when it comes to size: it sports a 46mm face yet still manages to look good on feminine wrists. The watch also goes big on functionality. This is a tool watch on the wrist complete with a calendar, alarm, and timer.

Even with the stylish aesthetics, all the perks of a G Shock watch are intact: the watch is shock resistant, magnetic resistant, and water resistant up to 200 meters. This is the ultimate everyday and active watch that looks good on the wrist, comes handy whether yoore in the kitchen or on the hiking trail, and can take all kinds of abuse.

MVMT Nova Minimalist Big Chronograph Dial Watch

The MVMT Nova is one of the most gorgeous and sought after big dial watches for ladies. The watch is minimalist and bold at the same time, which makes it great even for thin wrists. It spans 38mm in diameter and its boldness is emphasized by the chronograph dial.  Another appealing thing about the watch is its multifunctional nature. It even has duo time zone that comes handy for frequent travelers, for flight attendants, or when on vacation.

JBW Cristal Iced Out Big Dial Ladies Watch

Whenever you want to make a statement, you can count on the JBW Cristal watch. With a 40mm face and an iced out design, you can count on the watch to stand out and grab attention. It's adorned with both genuine diamonds and Swarovski crystals.

Even though JBW stands for Just Bling Watches, their watches are much more than just flashy bling. They uphold high quality standards, constructing their watches with high quality stainless steel, adorning then with real and ethical diamonds, and equipping them with Swiss or Japanese quartz movement, in the case  this one.

Michael Kors Lexington Women's Watch

When ladies of means want to rock an oversized luxury watch, they opt for a men's Rolex watch. The Michael Kors Lexington offers a way for any woman to rock the oversized Rolex look at a fraction of the price. From the elegant Jubilee style bracelet to the fluted bezel, it's a Rolex look alike. The 38mm face guarantees it will stand out on the wrist. You can also opt for the 44mm version that looks identical but comes with an even bigger face. The chronograph style face also adds a touch of bold while also being functional.

Burberry The City BU9038 38mm Women’s Watch

The greatest thing about the Burberry The City watch with a big 38mm face watch is just how incredibly versatile it is. It's luxurious and right on trend with it's large case but also a timeless classic watch with it's classy minimalism and traditional elegance. It's a watch you can wear with a business suit and it will still look right at home with jeans and tee shirt. And it complements both large and small wrists.

Quality is top notch as can be expected from Burberry and Swiss craftsmanship. The watch is Swiss made using fine quality materials including a sapphire crystal, features Burberry's signature check pattern, and is powered by a Swiss quartz movement.

Fossil Original Boyfriend Chronograph Women's Watch

The Fossil boyfriend watch combines menswear inspired design with feminine accents making it the perfect watch if you love men's watches but also like the watch to have a feminine essence. The face is big at 38mm and the chronograph sub-dials make the face pop. The rose gold tone accents and slim strap add the feminine touches. Gorgeous big face watch for both large and small wrists.

It's the best big face watch to consider if your skin is prone to metal allergies. The strap goes underneath the watch case minimizing skin contact with metal. And Fossil's genuine leather has such a soft luxurious feel against the skin so you count on top notch comfort. The watch is powered by a quartz movement, has a stop watch feature, and 50m water resistance.

Invicta Angel 38mm Rose Gold Tone Women's Watch

The Invicta Angel watch is a stylishly bold watch at a very affordable price. Not only is the face large at 38mm, the dial is adorned with 39 crystal accents adding a touch of luxury without being over the top, while the numbered bezel give it a sporty dive watch style. The rose gold tone gives it a calm and elegant ambiance.

The watch doesn't disappoint in function too. It's powered by a PC32A Caliber Japanese quartz movement and has luminous hands for reading the time in the dark. True to the sporty style, the watch has 100m water resistance so you can use it in and around water when swimming, snorkeling, SUPing, sailing, or surfing.

GUESS 39MM Crystal Silicone Women's Watch

The Guess Limelight large face women's watch mixes sporty and luxurious accents with stunning results! It features a blue silicone brand attached to a rose gold tone case and a crystal studded bezel. Sure to add a pop of sparkle to any look and draw eyes and compliments your way.

Beyond the prominent sporty look with a 39mm face, you will also love the multi-functional dial that goes beyond merely displaying the time and shows you the day and date as well. On the inside is a Japanese battery powered movement and the watch is watertight up to a 50M water pressure depth equivalent.

How Big Can You Go Without The Watch Looking Overpowering?

The biggest face watch you can wear comes down to three things:

The size of your wrist: If you have very small wrists, 36 and 38mm watches will fill out your wrist nicely without an overpowering look. You might even be able to rock a 40mm diameter watch. If you have big wrists, consider 40mm, 42mm, and 44mm watches. There are even 46mm face watches that will look good on large women's wrists.

How prominent the lugs are: as long as the lugs ( the protrusions on both sides on the watch case where the watch strap or bracelet is attached) are small profile, you can rock even huge watches with 44mmand 46mm case diameters.

How to Wear Big Face Women's Watches?

A big dial wristwatch is already a bold fashion accessory. You can opt to go simple and wear it on its own on the wrist. It will look good with any outfit whether an official suit, a business casual look, a casual dress or jeans and t short look.

You can also pair it with one or two tennis bracelets or love bangles. This will add a touch of glam on your wrist and create an even more eye catching accessory.

Finally, you can stack your watch with many bracelets and bangles to create a glamourous arm candy look. This only works for casual situations though.

For inspiration, check out pictures of female celebrities wearing large face watches here.

Curious to find out how and why watches have gotten so big? Check out this article on the oversized watch trend.


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