Why are Michele Watches so Popular? Are They Worth It?

Michele watches resonate with modern women. These watches have
been popular from the moment they were introduced up to today and don’t show
any signs of slowing down.

In this Michele watches review, we take a look at
what makes Michele watches so popular despite their high price tag and also
whether they are really worth the money. Let’s start with the history of the brand. 

MICHELE Watches Brand Story

MICHELE is a fine watch-making brand Belgian Maurice Barouh started in 1940. He was passionate about watches and set out to make watches that not only told time but also expressed the personality and style of the wearer. Bearing this in mind, he paid attention to exquisite detail, valuing uniqueness, quality, refinement, and individual expression. 

His legacy was inherited by his son Jack Barouh who continued his mission upholding his father’s values and adding his individuality and talent to the brand.

Jack had a knack for trends and keen attention to detail. He started with a line of colorful and bright children’s watches inspired by and named after his daughter Michele.

These were a huge success and he decided to delve into the women’s market. The Michele brand was born with the launch of Michele Watches and the sophisticated MW collection.

Michele Barough started working there in 2000 then Jeremy Barouh in 2002 marking three generations of family watchmaking tradition.

Even though Michele is now a Fossil brand since 2004, it still operates as a family business continuing the tradition of excellence.

Reasons Why Michele Watches
are Popular

Michele watches are worn by top celebrity bloggers and
influencers. Without doubt, this raises their popularity. However, this is not
the only reason these timepieces are popular. They are also beloved for the
following reasons:

They are Stylish and Gorgeous

All Michele watches look good and have the qualities most ladies
like in a wrist watch. The rectangular Michele Deco watch, the most popular ladies
watch by the brand, combines the geometric angles of the iconic Art Deco
era of the 1920s with modern elements such as a chunky case and a bold chronograph face.

They Feature Genuine Diamonds

So are the diamonds in Michele watches authentic? Yes, Michele watches
feature real diamonds sourced in an ethical manner. Every watch has the
diamonds count and carat weight indicated on the case back.

Their Functionality is Excellent

Powered by Swiss battery-powered movements, Michele watches are
spot on when it comes to telling time. Beyond this, some of their most popular
models also conveniently display the day and date on the watch face.

They Feature Interchangeable Bands

Not only are Michele watches the kind of watches that go with
everything, but they allow you to create multiple watches out of one watch. All
you have to do is swap the watch band and create a different look to suit the
outfit, the mood, or the occasion.

Suitability for All Wrist Sizes

It’s also a plus that Michele face sizes look good on both small
and big wrists. They also come with extra long 9 inch and 10 inch bands that
can be adjusted for small wrists.

Why are Michele watches so
expensive? Are They Worth the Money?

Michele is a luxury designer brand with the prices to match. Michele
watches start from around $300 to over 2000 dollars. When shelling out this
kind of money for a wristwatch, you want to be sure you’re getting value for
your money. Let’s take a look at what you’re getting for this kind of money:


Michele watches are constructed with fine quality materials so
you’re getting your money’s worth when it comes to the material quality. They
are made of premium-grade stainless steel or genuine exotic leather straps. The
dials are protected by scratch resistant and anti-reflective sapphire crystals. And the stones on these watches are real diamonds

Movement Quality

Michele watches are powered by Swiss quartz movements. These
guarantee the ultimate precision when it comes to time telling accuracy.

Build Quality

Michele watches are made by Fossil to the highest standards.
Watches made by Fossil have a good reputation for quality. Michele watches also
boast 50m water resistance. 


Michele watch have versatile styling that goes with professional,
formal, and casual outfits. They look good with a business suit, a sundress,
jeans, or a chunky sweater.

Michele watches also feature interchangeable straps so you can
create multiple looks out if one watch. When it comes to the cost to wear
ratio, these timepieces deliver a thousand times over.

What is Not So Good About
Michele Watches?

  • First off, these luxury timepieces don’t come cheap. You have to shell out at least
    300 dollars to get one.
  • There’s also the fact that these watches are not Swiss made. They
    are made by the Fossil group, which has a solid reputation for quality. But
    while this may put off watch aficionados who only value Swiss craftsmanship,
    Michele Watches are still built to the highest standards of quality.

The Top Michele
Watches for Ladies

Here are the most popular Michele watches for women:

  1. Michele Deco Chronograph Diamond Watch
  2. Michele Serein Watch
  3. Michele Sidney Watch
  4. Michele Jelly Bean Sport Watch

So are Michele Watches Any Good? Should You Get a Michele Watch?

Michele watches are incredibly popular for good reason. Not only
do they look gorgeous, but they are also high quality watches built to last.
For your money, you’re getting a fine watch made of premium materials, adorned with
genuine diamonds, and powered by a Swiss battery powered movement.

Even though the brand name
certainly comes at a premium, you get good value for money with Michele
watches. Their versatile design goes with everything and they are build to last many years to come.

If you’ve
been coveting a Michele watch or are considering one as a gift for a loved one,
go ahead and get it. As this review attests, Michele watches are worth the money.

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