Michele Watch Review: Are Michele Watches Good and Worth the Money?

Thanks to their classy aesthetics, Michele watches are some of the best selling luxury watches for women. Ladies love Michele watches! Quite a number of women own more than one MW watch or plan to acquire more. Any many others have a Michele timepiece on their wish list.

However, these designer wrist watches don’t come cheap. If you’re considering a Michele watch, you will want to take a deeper look into their quality and reputation to decide whether they’re worth your money.

Are they really good or just overpriced fashion watches? Why would you forego the other respected brand watches you can get for 500 to 3000 dollars and opt for a Michele watch?

We’ve conducted the due diligence and  covered everything you need to know before you buy an MW watch. We take a really good look at this female watch brand, explore the history of the brand, where and how the watches are made, evaluate their quality and reliability, and delve into what makes MW timepieces special.

We also take a look at their most popular timepieces, and finally come to a conclusion whether they are indeed worth the expensive price tags. Let’s get right into this Michele watch review, without further ado.

Long Story Short: Are Michele Watches Good?

Michele watches are incredibly popular for good reason. They have got it all: style, beauty, luxury, precision, craftsmanship, durability, and a rock solid reputation backed by positive owner experiences. Not only do they look gorgeous, but they are also precise and high-quality watches built to last decades.

Are they Worth the money?

These are luxury watches with high price tags to match. For your money, you’re getting a fine watch made of premium quality stainless steel, adorned with genuine diamonds, and powered by a Swiss quartz movement. Quality and components are on par with other high-end watches in their price range.

Michele watches are constructed with high-quality materials so you’re getting your money’s worth when it comes to the material quality. And since they go with formal, professional, and casual outfits, their cost to wear ratio is excellent.

What is Special About Michele Watches?

Michele is one of the top luxury watch brands for women. Here are the reasons why Michele timepieces are some of the most popular luxury and designer watches for women?

  • Women Love and Want Them: Designed by women for women, Michele is the quintessential women’s luxury watch brand. The brand nails down everything women want in watches: classy designer looks, low maintenance reliability of Swiss quartz movements, quality and durability.
  • Gorgeous Styling: Absolutely stunning! This is the first thing that comes to mind when you see a Michele watch whether online, in a store, or on someone’s wrist. Michele watches are exquisitely beautiful. With sophisticated, elegant designs, they are sure to make you feel luxurious and elevate your style. The blending of classic retro inspired elements with modern touches gives Michele watches a timeless style.
  • Extreme Versatility: Thanks to their modern yet classic styling, Michele watches are extremely versatile. They go with everything from formal dresses to official suits to casual jeans and tees. Dress them up or down. Their two tone pieces go well with both gold and silver jewelry. And the numerous interchangeable strap options add to their flexibility. Robust enough for everyday wear, and highly customizable, you will get a lot of wear out of your watch
  • Top Tier Quality: Their quality and attention to detail is meticulous. Made of stainless steel, exotic leather straps, and sapphire crystals, these watches stand the test of time, lasting for decades in good condition.
  • Real Diamonds and 18K Gold: They feature real diamonds that add a feminine touch and sparkle without going overboard. And their two tone or gold tone watches are so luxurious looking because the finish is genuine 18K gold plating.
  • Swiss Precision: Powered by Swiss quartz movements, they tell time accurately and don’t need winding. Their chronograph timepieces are multifunctional with seconds, minutes, day and date displays.
  • Overall: MW watches have the perfect balance of elegance, precision and craftsmanship. The Michele watch brand speaks both the high-fashion and watchmaking languages, proving that a brand can be fashion-forward and still uphold the values of luxury watch making.

What is Not So Good About Michele Watches?

  1. First off, Michele watches are expensive. You have to shell out between 300 and 2900 dollars to get one. Limited edition releases cost even more.
  2. Some of the watches can be on the heavy side. This can take some getting used to but it’s a good thing as it indicates robust quality.
  3. The metal bracelet bands run really large and the links are not easy to remove. If you have small wrists, you have to pay a jeweler to remove some links. You can also have them removed at a Nordstrom store near you.
  4. They are not a traditional Swiss watch brand like many other luxury watch brands in their price range
  5. Michele doesn’t have automatic watches. All their watches are battery powered.

Should You Get a Michele Watch?

If you’ve been eyeing a Michele watch for a while, you can go ahead and get it with confidence now that you know exactly what you’re getting for your money: a beautiful, versatile, and durable watch you can wear with anything and that you will have for decades to come. And if you’re looking for a gift watch she will love, wear, and enjoy, it’s hard to go wrong with a Michele watch.

Michele Luxury Watches Alternatives?

Do the negatives outweigh the positives for you? Can’t get over the fact that Michele doesn’t have Swiss roots and doesn’t use automatic movements? Would you rather spend your money on a watch by a traditional watch brand?

For the money you can spend on a Michele watch, you can also get a watch by Bulova, Movado, Tissot, Oris, Raymond Weil, Frederique Constant, Baume & Mercier, Tag Heuer, Rado, Hamilton, Longines, Cartier, or Omega. If you prefer a designer fashion watch, you can take your pick among Versace, Gucci, Fendi, and Salvatore Ferragamo designer watches.

Michele watches are comparable in quality to these high-end watches. However, most of these watches pale in comparison to Michele when it comes to style and aesthetic appeal.

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Michele Watch In-depth Review

Now, let’s get into the nitty gritty details of this brand and their watches. Keep reading to have all the questions running through your mind answered and all your concerns addressed. Let’s start with the history of the brand.

The Who, Where, and How of the Making of Michele Watches

Part of knowing whether Michele watches are good and worth their luxury price tags is knowing how they are made. Who manufactures Michele watches? Where are they made? Find out in this section of our Michele watches review.

Michele Watches History – All About the Brand

The Michele family watch making tradition began all the way back in 1940 at the hands of Maurice Barouh, a Belgium Watch maker. From the very beginning, the brand was devoted to exceptional quality, precision, and style.

Maurice Barouh set out to make watches that expressed the personality and style of the wearer. To accomplish this, he paid attention to exquisite detail, valuing quality, refinement, uniqueness, and individual expression.

His legacy was passed to his son Jack Barouh who continued upholding his father’s values while bringing his keen eye for detail and trends to the brand.

In 1995, Jack launched a line of colorful and bright children’s watches inspired by and named after his daughter Michele.

These kids watches were a huge success and this encouraged him to delve into the women’s watch world. The Michele female watch brand as we know it began with the launch of the sophisticated MW collection which included the CSX Diamond Chronograph watches.

Thanks to a commitment to exquisite style, attention to detail, and material and craftsmanship quality, Michele is today a leading luxury and designer watch brand for ladies. It embodies everything a ladies luxury watch brand should be.

Who Owns Michele Watches Today?

The Michele watch brand is now owned by Fossil Group, Inc. In 2004, Fossil acquired Tempus International Corporation, the organization behind the brand, for a cool 50 million US dollars.

However, The Barouh family remains in charge of creative direction and product development with the added advantage of having access to Fossil’s international distribution system.

Who Makes Michele Watches?

Michele watches are made by the Fossil group, which has a solid reputation for quality, even with its affordable fashion watches. Michele is part of their luxury division, together with Burberry and Zodiac watches.

And although the Fossil is the owner of the brand, the family remains in control of creative direction and thus the family tradition of exceptional style, attention to detail, and craftsmanship continues.

Where are Michele Watches Made?

Michele watches are not made in Switzerland. They only have Swiss movements. The back of the watches bears the label Swiss movement but does not have a Swiss Made label.

However, they have aspirations to start making their watches in Switzerland. In fact, the brand has offices in Geneva Switzerland and Fossil has Swiss watch making facilities, design studios, and their European headquarters in Basel, Switzerland.

As for their roots, the brand originated in Belgium with Maurice, then Panama in Latin America with Jack and now has its headquarters in Miami, Florida and offices in Geneva, Switzerland.

Are Michele Watches Good Quality and Reliable?

From its inception, the Michele watch brand has always emphasized a commitment to quality and precision. This sounds really good but does it really deliver? Do the materials and components of Michele watches justify the price tags? Are these timepieces reliable in their function? Let’s found out.

What are Michele watches made of?

Ever since its founding in 1940, the brand has always been particular about using premium quality materials to make its watches.

Michele watches are made of top-grade stainless steel and exotic leather straps such as alligator, and calfskin. The more affordable timepieces are constructed with stainless steel and silicone.

Are the Diamonds in Michele Watches Genuine?

The diamonds used on Michele watches are real and ethically sourced from non-conflict areas. You will find the total carat weight, color, clarity, and number of stones marked on the back of the watch case or listed on the specs list.

Are the Gold and Two Tone Watches Real Gold?

Michele watches are plated with genuine 18K gold, which lends them a luxurious and opulent shine. This is the reason why their gold tone and two tone models are more expensive than the silver tone options.

Are Michele Watches Luxury Watches?

Michele is a luxury watch brand and so are their timepieces.

Although Michele watches are not made by a traditional Swiss watch maker, they have many qualities of luxury watches including the use of premium quality materials, precious metals and stones, sapphire crystals, higher price points, and they offer a sense of exclusivity.

In fact, Michele watches are often compared with Swiss luxury watches. People looking to invest in a high-end ladies watch make Cartier vs. Michele, Michele vs Tag Heuer, and Michele vs Movado comparisons.

How Do they Hold Up in the Real World?

Our own experience and user reviews attest to their quality and durability. Everything from the materials to the craftsmanship and packaging is top tier.

As for reliability in time telling, the Swiss quartz movements are precise and keep excellent time.

Are Michele Watches Waterproof?

Can you swim with or get them wet?  Most Michele timepieces are water resistant up to 50 meters (5 ATM). This means that they can withstand getting wet from splashes, rain, or even an accidental short lived immersion in water. However, you shouldn’t swim with them.

Do Michele Watches Scratch Easily?

The use of sapphire crystals make Michele watch faces scratch resistant. These are not delicate timepieces that you’re afraid to wear. However, it’s always important to keep in mind that sapphire crystals can shatter easily and avoid banging or dropping your watch.

How Long Do They Last?

Watches from this brand have a wear forever style and quality.  We’ve seen reviews from ladies who have owned Michele watches for more than a decade and the watches still look and function as good as new. Rest assured that Michele watches stand the test of time. With proper care, you can wear a Michele watch for a lifetime and even pass it down.

Do They Have a Lifetime Warranty?

No. Michele timepieces bear the standard two years warranty that covers material and manufacturing defects.  In case your Michele watch stops or needs repairs, you can contact Michele customer care here.

Michele Watches Movements and Functions

Another thing to consider when buying a Michele watch is the mechanism behind its operation. So how are Michele watches powered? Do they need batteries? Does the brand make self-winding watches?

What kind of movement do Michele Watches Have?

All Michele timepieces are quartz watches that use Swiss quartz movements. This means that they run on batteries and you don’t have to wind them. For now, Michele does not offer mechanical or automatic watches.

Michele watch battery replacement cost is about $14.99.

Personal Experiences, User Reviews, and Expert Opinions

When you unbox your watch, prepare to be impressed because pictures don’t do these watches justice. You will also quickly observe that the watch is more than just pretty.

The polished finish and little details scream refinement and premium quality. When you hold it or strap a MW watch on your wrist, the substantial heft of it is confidence-inspiring. It’s also comfortable on the wrist and attracts many glances and compliments.

Looking at user reviews, most owners of Michele watches rave about them and have no regrets. They praise the stunning beauty, the elegant sophistication, the versatility, durability, and consider them worth every dollar.  In fact, some of them go on to acquire the second and third Michele watch, amassing a collection in the process.

Watch experts also acknowledge the brand’s use of quality materials, exquisite attention to detail, and top-tier craftsmanship. When I took mine to my jeweler for resizing, he took the time to admire it and comment on how it’s a quality watch with impressive workmanship.

However, some watch snobs dismiss Michele watches as overpriced fashion watches. This is because Michele watches don’t have automatic or proprietary in-house movements.

However, an evaluation of the watches show that MW watches have more to offer than just aesthetic appeal. Michele has established itself as a quality watch maker renowned for material quality, craftsmanship, and attention to detail. And with a knack for giving ladies what they want in a wrist watch!

Michele Watches Designs, Styles, and Sizes

If there’s one thing that we can agree on when it comes to Michele watches, it’s that they look good. They are beautiful in pictures and we can attest that they look even better in person.

These watches are like the perfect shade of lipstick, you feel more powerful and confident when you strap it on! And it adds a touch of elegant sophistication, class, and luxury to your looks.

So what’s behind the exquisite looks? What’s is it that makes them so exceptionally gorgeous and pretty? It comes down to the beautiful designs and meticulous finishing details as follows:

  • The Michele design philosophy is boldly feminine. Timeless elegance meets contemporary fashion. Retro shapes coupled with fashion-forward sizes and elements. They also reflect the glamour and vibrancy of the Miami lifestyle.
  • Whether in stainless steel, gold plated, or two tone finishing, the vibrant polished finish looks premium. And the exotic leather straps fit right in with the look.
  • Signature Michele watch details such as the red logo on the face and crown, the MW diamonds pattern, and the intricate seven link bracelet bands
  • Genuine diamond accents that lend them a captivating sparkle and radiance. These are tastefully done so the watches don’t look gaudy or tacky.
  • Thanks to all these details, Michele watches are beautiful pieces of jewelry. They look amazing on the wrist whether donned alone or paired with bangles and bracelets

MW Watch Styles and Shapes

Michele offers a wide variety of watch styles ensuring there’s something for every taste and preference. Here is an overview of the various silhouettes and style variations.

  • Michele watch cases come in rectangular, round, cushion, and oval face shapes
  • There are silver tone stainless steel, gold tone, and two tone finishes
  • Faces range from chronograph sub dials, mother of pearls, enamel, and guilloche. Some dials feature images, textures and patterns.
  • Subtle or flamboyant diamonds setting: diamonds can surround the top ring (bezel), encircle a sunray guilloche dial, or function as hour markers.
  • An assortment of interchangeable strap options in a rainbow of colors allow you to create your own watch looks

Michele Watch Sizes

Michele watch sizes are perfect for female wrists and there are loads of choices too whether you like big or petite watches.

  • Watch face diameters come in 42mm, 38mm, 36mm, 33mm, and 29mm case size options.
  • The inner circumference of their watches span from 175mm +/- 5mm to 190+/- 5MM. You can have links removed to fit very small wrists or purchase extra links for large wrists. You get two extra links for free.
  • Bands/straps comes in 14mm, 16mm, and 18mm widths. Pay attention to this when purchasing interchangeable watch straps

Find dimensions of the watch heads and straps sizes for Michele collections here.

Does Michele Make Men’s Watches?

True to the name, Michele is exclusively a feminine watch brand. All their watches are made specifically for women.

Michele does not make men’s watches. However, men can wear the Michele hybrid smartwatch, Sport Sail, jelly bean, and Cape models, as they have a unisex design and large case sizes.

Are Michele Watches Still in Style? Who Wears Them?

These watches have been popular from the moment they were introduced up to today and don’t show any signs of slowing down. In the department stores and online watch retailers, Michele watches are best sellers in their price range.

Are they still in style? Michele watches are still in style in 2024. They have timeless style and also incorporate fashion forward elements. For example, their watches are in line with the big face, small face, rectangular shaped, and retro inspired women’s watch trends. The brand even has a hybrid smartwatch.

Celebrities Wearing Michele Watches?

Michele sponsored the 4th Annual Critic’s Choice Television Awards. Female celebrities wearing Michele Watches during this event included Bellamy Young, Allison Janney, and Allison Tolman.

MW wrist watches are also a top choice for celebrity bloggers, and style influencers such as Wendys Lookbook and Viva Luxury.

Most Popular Michele Women’s Watches

Over the years, Michele has launched a number of watch collections. Some are discontinued and some are still around. The brand has a range of styles, from simple and elegant to bold statement makers. Whether your style is elegant, chic, classy or sporty, there’s something for you. Lets take a look at the top Michele collections:

CSX Diamond Chronograph Watch

Part of the brand’s debut collection, the CSX diamond chronograph is the watch that launched the brand into the limelight. And this iconic watch is still appealing and sought after today. A testament that MW watches never go out of style.

Michele Deco Diamond Watch

The flagship Michele Deco watches are the most popular and best selling Michele timepieces. The rectangular shape that’s inspired by the popular art deco era architecture gives them a distinctly bold and sophisticated style. The Decos come in a number of variations:

The signature Deco with chronograph sub dials that display the day and date, the upscale Deco Madison that spots Roman numerals, the Deco Mini that’s scaled down in size but not in style and luxury, and the more affordable Deco Sport. A number of limited edition models are also available with interesting faces, colors, and semi precious stones.

Michele Serein Watch

You can always count on Michele to make a watch distinct. Take the Serein that has a traditional round shape and Roman numerals but ends up looking modern due to the oval face, wavy sunray dial, and large face. The Serein Watch has a simple elegance that has endeared it to many making it one of the top Michele watches for ladies. A sleek and feminine classic!

Michele Sidney Watch

The Sidney is such a stylish timepiece that’s known to turn heads. It’s all thanks to the simple elegance, femininity, and luxury it exudes. It features a classic round face while a bezel packed with diamonds gives it a gorgeous sophisticated look. Opt for a bold chronograph face or an elegant mid 33mm face paired with a slim 14mm band.

Michele Sport Sail Watch

Fans of oversized watches love the gorgeous Sport Sail. It’s chronograph watch face is extra large with a diameter that spans a whooping 42mm. It’s bold and a fantastic choice to make a statement. It also comes in a 38mm case if you prefer it smaller. The boat sail-inspired silhouette is unique and modern and has an industrial vibe. To balance the boldness and keep it classy, the diamonds on the Sport Sail aren’t as brilliant as on the other models.

Michele Tahitan Jelly Bean Watch

The Jelly Bean watch is a bold and sporty chronograph watch but just as classy as other MW watches. An affordable Michele watch going for under $300 but still having high quality standards makes it a great value. Buttery rubber band feels comfortable on the wrist while the large 38-40mm face with Arabic numerals is easy to read.

Michele Cape Watch

The Cape has the most modern design from Michele. It has a bold 38mm chronograph face, a quilted embossed silicone strap, and comes in vibrant colors such as green and pink. Simple and affordable (about $250), it’s not as luxurious as the other options but its still stylish and good quality. Great casual watch to wear around the house, while running errands, and even to work.

Michele Meggie Watch

Featuring a cushion-shaped shape with rounded corners that lend it a modern elegance, the Meggie boasts the most feminine silhouette. It’s just the right mix of sparkle and classiness and exudes modern elegance. It’s in line with the small watch trend. Great for small wrist and those who prefer traditional female watch sizes. With a case measuring 29mm attached to a slim 14mm band, it proves that great things come in small and robust packages.

Michele Caber Watch

Bold and different, the Caber is a  classy statement watch. Spotting a sleek design with understated diamonds on the lugs, its especially elegant and looks stunning on the wrist. Roman numerals add to the timeless look. As a testament to its quality, its a substantial watch with an expensive feel.

Michele Urban Watch

The Urban lives up to its name, combining a retro gram with trendy features. A unique rounded rectangular face with large and playful Arabic numbers adds to its charm. The mini size gives it a delicate look but the build quality is strong.

Michele Watch Prices and Value

Prices for most Michele watches range from around $300 to about $2900. Limited edition model can cost as high as $8000.

Michele watches are expensive because they are made of premium quality materials and components such as sapphire crystals, and Swiss movements. They also feature genuine and ethically obtained diamonds and real 18k gold plating.

The more diamonds a Michele watch has, the higher its price tag. Likewise, watches that feature 18k gold or two tone finishes cost way more than silver tone stainless steel models.

Of course the brand equity is part of the price. Michele is a luxury watch brand with a strong brand image and offers a level of prestige and exclusivity that you have to pay a brand premium for. And this benefit of high end watches comes at a price.

Do Michele Watches Hold Value?

If you take a look at pre-owned Michele watches on sale, you can see that they don’t typically appreciate in value. Although you can resell them easily, you will get slightly less than you paid for. That said, their rare limited editions do have the potential to appreciate in value over time.

Are Michele Watches a Good Investment?

They make good personal investments that you will enjoy owning and wearing. But if you’re looking for an investment worthy watch that’s likely to appreciate in value, we recommend going for brands like Rolex and Cartier.

Where to Buy Michele Watches?

You can buy Michele watches at major department stores such as Nordstrom, Neiman’s, Saks, and Bloomingdale’s. You can also purchase them right from the brand’s official website, from fine jewelry and watches stores or find an authorized dealer near you.

And you can get them at discounted prices on websites such as Amazon, eBay, Saksofffifth, and Walmart. Just be sure to buy from a trustworthy source that offers great after sale support.

Where to Sell a Pre-Owned Michele Watch

If, for any reason, you decide to sell your Michele watch, you can list them on websites such as eBay, Poshmark, and The Real Real.

Michele Watch Buyer/Owner Resources/References


In conclusion, there’s no doubt that Michele is one of the best feminine watch brands. Not only do they nail down the aesthetics but they also excel in craftsmanship quality and functionality. However, they don’t have the same resale value as traditional luxury watch brands like Rolex and Cartier.

Hope this Michele watches review has answered all your questions, addressed your concerns and helped you make a decision whether to get a Michele watch.









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