15 Best Women’s Watches for Small Wrists (2024)

When you have petite wrists, finding a watch that fits is no small feat. Standard women’s watch straps are either too long and hard to adjust or the faces and lugs just look too big on small wrists. These criteria can really narrow down your selection.

This is why we’ve compiled a big selection of the best women’s watches for small wrists. With 30 wristwatches that fit and look good on thin wrists, there’s something for you whether you’re into oversized watches or prefer dainty pieces. Whether you’re after a dress watch or a rugged and sporty watch.

15 Ladies Watches That Fit and Look Good on Thin Wrists

Armitron Crystal Accented Petite Women’s Watch

Armitron Crystal Watch

  • Small face (24.5 mm) suits tiny wrists
  • Versatile two-tone finish goes with anything
  • Elegant and classy Rolex inspired aesthetics
  • Crystal accented bezel add luxury and sparkle
  • Very affordable (under $50) as and a great value

Dainty and lightweight yet attention-grabbing, the Armitron Crystal Accented Watch is perfect for small wrists. Is one of those popular watches that just look fantastic on small wrists.

The 24.5mm is perfect for small wrists and the bracelet is adjustable by removing links. Best of all, it’s super affordable yet has the looks of a Rolex date just. This is due to the coin edge bezel and Jubilee style bracelet.

Anne Klein Dress Diamond Ceramic Women’s Watch

Anne Klein Black Ceramic Watch

  • Classic and luxurious black and gold watch
  • Sleek modern minimalist watch
  • Crystal diamond at 6 o’clock sparkles against the black dial
  • 30mm face and adjustable link ceramic bracelet
  • Japanese quartz movement keeps good time
  • Incredible value at a low price point

This Anne Klein ceramic watch  was made with small wristed ladies in mind. The band is already short out of the box and it’s easy to remove links for a perfect fit. The 30mm case is big enough to have a good presence on the wrist without looking oversized. It’s hard to believe this gorgeous and luxurious watch for under $100.

It features a high end finish with black ceramic, shiny good accents, and genuine diamond accents at 12 o’clock. Lightweight and comfortable and holds up well. It goes with both casual and formal looks in the spring and summer.

Michael Kors Runway Women’s Watch

Michael Kors Slim Runway Watch

  • Best oversized women’s watch for thin wrists
  • Minimalist watch with low profile lugs
  • Classic styling goes with everything and never goes out of style
  • Available in 38 and 33mm case sizes to choose from
  • Luxurious watch at an accessible price

For an oversized watch look on a small wrist, it’s hard to go wrong with the Michael Kors Slim Runway watch. First off, you can choose between 38mm and 42mm case sizes, or go for the 33mm mini runway 33mm mini runway if you don’t like the big dial style.

Even if you opt for the larger sizes, the simple minimalist look and the low-profile lugs will ensure the watch won’t overpower your wrist. Of course, the bracelet is easily adjustable by taking out links.

Peugeot Rectangle Dress Women’s Watch

Peugeot Rectangular Watch

  • Art deco inspired rectangular face
  • Links are easy for anyone to take out
  • Luxurious with Swarovski crystal bezel paired with a mother of pearl dial
  • Goes with casual as well as dressy looks
  • Runs on a Seiko quartz movement and has luminous hands
  • Lifetime warranty including FREE battery replacement

Peugeot’s specialty lies in translating luxury designs into affordable timepieces. The Peugeot rectangular watch looks like an expensive luxury watch but comes at a very affordable price.

Best of all, this watch was designed with tiny wrists in mind. The rectangular case measures 32mm x 35mm while the bracelet fits up to 7-inch wrists and offers an allowance to take out links on your own.

Daniel Wellington Petite Melrose Women’s Watch

Daniel Wellington Petite Melrose

  • Elegant mesh bracelet watch
  • Simple and classic minimalist styling
  • Incredibly versatile watch that suits all outfits
  • Band length can fit wrists as small as 150mm
  • Comes in black and eggshell dial color options
  • Powered by a Japanese quartz movement
  • Slim profile case comes in 28mm, 32mm, 36mm diameters

From celebrity fashion bloggers to the streets, the Petite Melrose women’s watch by Daniel Wellington  is a beloved timepiece. It’s the sleekest timepiece by the Swedish brand and it suits all wrist sizes.

The minimal elegance and slim profile don’t overpower small wrists. And whether you prefer a dainty look or a trendy oversized look, it comes in 28mm, 32mm, 36mm face sizes. The band fits wrists sizes starting from 150mm.

Skagen Freja Petite Mesh Women’s Watch

Skagen Freja

  • An elegant minimalist watch with a Milanese bracelet
  • Classy aesthetics with a mother of pearl dial and crystal markers
  • Band is very easy to adjust to suit your wrist
  • Easy to tell the time despite the small 26mm face

The Skagen Freja watch may have a small 26mm face but it sure makes an impact. This is thanks to the classy styling complete with a mother of pearl dial and crystal hour markers. It’s one of the go-to watches for tiny wrists.

Not only is the smaller, low profile case just perfect for small wrists but the band is also easily adjustable to suit your exact wrist size. Coming from Skagen, it’s also a very well-built watch yet offered at an accessible price.

Seiko Essentials Women’s Watch

Seiko Essentials

  • A nice Cartier Tank homage at a great price
  • The face is small and unobtrusive while the leather band comes extra short right out of the box
  • Classic watch featuring Roman numeral indices
  • Japanese quartz movement keeps time precisely
  • Croco embossed band and gold-tone makes it chic
  • Light powered watch with a 6 month power reserve

This elegant Cartier Tank look-alike by Seiko is perfect for small wrists. The inner circumference of the strap is sized for tiny wrists and the face size is perfect on a dainty wrist. In fact, this is one top rated ladies watch for thin wrists.

Not only is the styling very elegant and versatile, but this watch is also very convenient as well. It’s solar-powered and thus eliminates the expense and hassle of replacing the battery.

Casio Retro Digital Women’s Watch

Casio Illuminator

  • Charming retro watch with ageless style
  • Petite 29mm face and adjustable bracelet
  • Get the time, day, and date at a glance
  • Multifunctional with a calendar, alarm, and stopwatch
  • The digital display makes reading the time effortless

It’s hard to believe that the Casio Vintage Collection Watch was first introduced decades ago. This watch looks stylish today. This is actually one of the few available elegant digital watches you can pair with dressy outfits.

A small face and a fully adjustable metal-lock strap make it one of the best digital watches for thin wrists. Not only does it have a time day and date calendar, but it also has a stopwatch, daily alarms, and backlight. A stylish and practical everyday watch

Michele Deco Chronograph Women’s Watch

Michele Deco Watch

The Michele Deco looks spectacular on even small wrists. It’s a favorite for petite celebrity bloggers and all other women. The face is just the right size and the links are removable. got a classic look to it, that will never go out of style. The Art Deco inspired timeless look and premium quality materials make it a worthy investment that is built to last and never goes out of style. There are multiple bands so you can create multiple watch looks. It’s constructed with stainless steel, adorned with diamonds, has an anti-scratch sapphire face window, and is powered by a Swiss quartz movement.

Michael Kors Darci Women’s Watch

MK Darci Watch

  • Beautiful monotone rose gold watch
  • Modern big dial watch with a 39mm face, but not overwhelming on petite wrists
  • Glitz accents on the bezel add a touch of sparkle
  • Polished stainless steel finish has a nice shine to it
  • Smooth and comfortable bracelet band
  • Can withstand water pressure up to 50m

Owing to the absence of conventional lugs, the Michael Kors Darci is one of the best large face women’s watches for small wrists. Even at 39mm in face diameter, it manages not to overpower slim wrists.

Darci strikes all the balances: elegant yet casual, feminine yet menswear-inspired in size. It’s also well made and very comfortable on the wrist.

Timex Women’s Weekender 31mm Watch


Timex Weekender

  • Tells time easily thanks to the bright dual and Arabic numerals
  • Easy to read tine at night with Indiglo light
  • Has 24-hour military time display too
  • 31mm case is perfect on tiny wrists and the band is adjustable
  • Allows you to easily swap straps to create different looks
  • Wide assortment of floral patterns and colors to choose from

In a world of Smartwatches and bling watches, it can be hard to find a nice basic analog watch that excels at telling time.

This is what makes the Timex Weekender watch stand out. It’s also lightweight, durable, and suitable for dainty wrists. A woman with a 5.25 inch wrist wears it on the second tightest notch.

Fossil Georgia Cuff Women’s Watch

Fossil Georgia

  • Best cuff watch for small wrists
  • Great design for combating metal allergies
  • 32mm case size is neither dainty nit does it overwhelm thin wrists
  • Modern watch with vintage-inspired details
  • Simple and clear dial for ease of reading time
  • Ability to withstand water pressure up to 50m/165ft
  • Leather strap is incredibly soft and comfortable on the skin

The Fossil Georgia looks lovely on a thin wrist! It’s also a great option if you have sensitive skin in addition to a narrow wrist. The 32mm case size hits the right balance between delicate and bold.

The cuff-style leather strap covers the case back ensuring that the metal underside isn’t in contact with your skin. Coming from Fossil, the build quality is top-notch is the leather strap feels luxuriously soft.

Timex Easy Reader 30mm Perfect Fit Women’s Watch

Timex Perfect Fit Easy Reader

  • Expansion band with removable links
  • Two-tone styling is elegant and versatile
  • Silver-tone 30mm brass case quality
  • easy to adjust the band to fit your wrist
  • Easy to read display with Indiglo light-up
  • Simple classic watch without fuss

Combining an expandable bracelet with the ability to easily take out links, the Timex Perfect Fit Easy Reader offers one of the most comfortable fits on small wrists.

Other than the fit, the greatest thing about it is the ease of reading time. Bold black Arabic numbers stand out against a bright white dial and you have Indiglo at night.

BURBERRY The City Diamonds Women’s Watch

Burberry the City

  • Swiss made and built to last a lifetime
  • Classic yet timeless style that won’t go out of style
  • Powered by a Swiss quartz movement with date display
  • Beautiful shiny finish with diamond hour markers
  • Mother of pearl dial with the brand’s iconic pattern
  • Made of fine materials including a sapphire
  • Ability to withstand water pressure up to 50m
  • Comes with a two years warranty

Burberry watches are among the most sought-after watches for women. They are just so beautiful classy. The City BU9125 has a 34mm face which is just right for small hands – neither too small nor too larger.

The metal bracelet is, of course, adjustable. Quality is top-level too – Swiss craftsmanship, Swiss movement, sapphire crystal, and a guarantee for two years.

JBW Cristal 12 Diamonds Women’s Watch

JBW Cristal

  • Iced out with 1095 genuine Swarovski crystals
  • 12 diamonds mark the hourly positions
  • Compact 28mm square case
  • Beautiful 18k rose gold-plated finish
  • Equipped with a Swiss quartz movement
  • Backed by a 2-years international warranty

The JBW Cristal Angular watch shines like diamonds. On the outside, it’s encrusted with 1095 authentic Swarovski crystals and 12 real diamonds mark each hour. On the inside, a Swiss quartz movement powers its time-telling function delivering the ultimate precision.

Most importantly, this Asscher-shaped bling watch seems to have been designed with thin feminine wrists in mind. Not only is the small face perfect, but even the bracelet band runs short.

Rosefield Year-Round Quartz Women’s Watch

Rosefield the Boxy

  • Strap length suits very small wrists. People with larger wrists actually
  • The 33mm face size is also just right, not too small nor too big
  • Trendy minimalist square watch with an elegant mesh bracelet

The strap on the Rosefield The Boxy square watch runs small which is good news for all ladies with very narrow wrists because this watch is absolutely beautiful.

It’s actually a top-rated watch for thin wrists. Very well built with a stainless steel case and a hardened mineral crystal glass, which ensures the face remains pristine.

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